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Trapezoidal Profile and Tiles

Trapezoidal Profile and Tiles
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Trapezoidal Profile and Tiles

Profiled Sheets :-
These sheets are available in various thickness profiles, colours & sizes like steel cold rolled sheets and cold rolled steel strips. The pre-painted / plain / cold / hot rolled coils base material are loaded on hydraulically operated uncoiler. Then, with the help of pinch rollers, the open end of the coil is brought under the first set of rollers and the coil automatically moves through the various sets of rollers in the forming machine till the sheet takes the desire shape.

When sheet reaches final stage of forming, it is cut to the desired lengths with the help of hydraulically operated automatic cut- off machine. The speed of production & pressure on roller is controlled using computerized controls.

Tiled Sheets :-
The profiled round rib sheets is fed mechanically to the computer controlled tiling machine which is programmed to produce the tile shape at a pre determined pitch on the sheets.
Some of the General Characteristics of Oscol Tiles are:
  • Durable, Architecturally attractive and add aesthetic to the building, as aesemble Mangalore clay tiles
  • Strong, Resistant to fire and all weather conditions.
  • Easy to install, thus save time and labour cost.
  • Light, easy to handle and stored with minimal dead weight on the roof.
  • Does not break, crack or leak.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Available upto 6m length with tile pitch available from 200mm to 500mm.
  • A lifetime roofing system. Requires little maintenance. Panels can be repainted, thus avoiding roofing replacement.

Cold Rolled Products

When it comes to manufacture best quality cold rolled products like cold rolled steel sheets, galvanized sheets, steel cold rolled sheets, cold rolled sheets and steel rolled sheets, Vardhman Industries Ltd is a highly reliable and acclaimed name in the global market. Our collection of cold rolled steel sheets and cold rolled strips is popular amongst our clients for high durability and superb performance. Further, we conduct several stringent checks on each stage of production, so that our products could follow the set international norms. Our range is extremely used in automobile industry, cycle industry, electronic industry and many more.

Cold Rolled Steel Sheets
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Trapezoidal Profile Tiles
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Specification Of CRCA Material
Grade (As per IS: 513)
Low Carbon O, D, DD, EDD, HROP and HROPSP
Medium Carbon MC-11, MC-12 & HC-14
Hardness Quarter-Hard, Half-Hard and Full-Hard
Thickness 0.40 mm to 3.00 mm for CRCA
1.60 mm to 3.90 mm for HROP/HROPSP
Width 20 mm to 1020 mm for Coil form 100 mm
Length 1000 mm to 2900 mm
Edge Condition Trimmed & Mill Edge as required

Chemical Composition (% Max) Mechanical Properties
Grade C Mn S P Tensile Strength (Kg/mm 2) Elog(%) Min Hardness HV Max
O 0.150 0.600 0.055 0.055 - - -
D 0.120 0.500 0.040 0.040 28-42 28 125
DD 0.100 0.400 0.035 0.035 28-38 32 110
EDD 0.080 0.400 0.030 0.030 28-36 36 105
NA EDD 0.080 0.400 0.030 0.025 29 Min 36 95
MC-11 0.450 0.700 0.040 0.040 -- - 220
MC-12 0.600 0.800 0.040 0.040 -- - 300
HC-14 0.800 0.800 0.040 0.040 -- - 350
Remarks : ECV & Bend Test as per standard varies against thickness; NA – Non-Ageing.

Temper Range for Low Carbon Steel (in VPN)
Hardness Minimum Maximum
Full-Hard 165 200
Half-Hard 135 165
Quarter-Hard 110 135
Skin Pass 100 117
Annealed 90 110

Specification of CRFH Coil
Hardness Full-Hard (VPN 165 min)
Thickness 0.14 mm to 1.00 mm
Width 600 mm to 1000 mm
Length 1000 mm to 1800 mm
Edge Condition Trimmed or Mill Edge, as required

Testing Facilities
Hardness, Bend Test, Cupping Value, UTS/YS, Gauge, Width, Elongation & Chemical Composition.

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